The engine is a 1931 Ahrens-Fox model R-60 with a 400 gallon tank and 600 rpm pump at a cost of $6700. Only two R-60’s were ever built and ours was the only Ahrens-Fox ever sold in the Albany/Tri-County area.
Many people may remember the pumper as painted Lotus Cream, the current color of all of our equipment. The “Fox”, as we affectionately call her, was also painted this color shortly after WWII, in order to match our rescue/ambulance vehicles.

In 1950, The Fox was sold to the Beukendal Fire Department and replaced by a 1950b Autocar/Boyer engine, currently in the American Museum of Firefighting in Hudson.

In the mid-1960’s, we were able to purchase The Fox back and it has remained with us ever since.
In 2005, our 75th anniversary, we had The Fox completely restored by Wilde Fire Equipment in Mayfield. It was then painted the original Ahrens-Fox red.



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